Who is Automated Payment Systems

Automated Payment Systems (APS) understands your business is a major part of your life. Your business can’t operate without income. We are confident APS can help your business collect your customer’s payments better than you can do it yourself, and better than any other payment processing service.

Here is how APS Started

Automated Payment Systems was founded in 1987. Prior to this time, the owner of APS was operating several fitness centers. Collecting membership dues on time was a constant challenge. Manual billing methods were tried, but they were expensive and unproductive. Upon researching better ways to collect money, the owner found electronic payments were beginning to be used in many industries. Seeing the need for this service in the fitness industry, APS was born. The fitness centers’ cash flow increased substantially and nearly all collection problems had been solved. Success was immediate. Other fitness centers, seeing this success, signed on as clients. Soon after, many businesses from different industries were also signing on for APS’s services.


APS has filled a major gap within the payment processing industry by making automated payment processing work for every business, thereby maximizing their income and minimizing expenses. APS provides everything businesses need, all at a price that is less than what most will pay working directly with a financial institution, bank, or other alternative method. New features and services are continually added to simplify and enhance the collection process.

APS recognizes the need to provide hands-on support, along with superior service and rates. Any business approved to process electronic payments through their own financial institution or other processor can experience many challenges. In general, financial institutions and banks provide minimal support, usually referred to as a ‘pass through’ processing environment. You provide them with billing data, they ‘pass it through’, and you hope everything works. If it doesn’t, you fix errors and try again. Financial institution numbers change regularly, expiration dates on credit cards must be updated, and file formats are complicated. Sending accurate data to the bank for processing is not an easy task. Other alternative collection methods usually result in fees and charges that are far too high, coupled with binding, long term contracts.

Managed Support Payment Processing

APS is a managed support payment processing service. We provide hands-on support by continually analyzing your transaction information for correctness and completeness. We first verify, then correct any errors for you, virtually eliminating unintended consequences. The result is more money collected for your business, as well as happier, more satisfied customers. When you choose APS you will experience only the best in support, service and rates.

APS has consistently grown since 1987 and has clients from nearly every industry who are benefiting from automated payments. Our customer service is high above any standard. APS is committed to making sure all your automated billing needs are handled in the most accurate, secure, and efficient way. You can always call and talk to a real person. We are determined to prove to you that APS is ‘The Company You Keep’.